Albert Falls

Sunday 9 August 2020

On impulse Sally and I headed to Albert Falls to do some birding.

Fortunately we arrived early and got in before the hordes of day trippers arrived. Having said that, the really early birds were the fisherpersons. And there were a lot of them. When we left just after midday there was a long queue of cars to get in to join the hundreds already there. Rather popular it was.

The day was lovely and sunny if not a bit cool though.

Below are a few images to give you an impression of Albert Falls.


There was one sad sighting of a bat tangled in barbed wire over a pond. Not sure what purpose the barbed wire served.

Sad to see.

In all we recorded 77 different bird species in two pentads.

That was the day we saw our first Yellow-billed Kite of the season.

A quiet Sunday during C-19.

Paul and Sally Bartho

Mount Park

Sunday 19th July 2020

Sally has been keeping her eye on places we could visit close by to do some birding. Mount Park caught her eye as a place of indigenous mistbelt forest, climbing up the Inhlosane Mountain between Dargle and Boston, KZN. It is on the district road 132. There are kilometres of trails through the forest following streams up to the peak. Day visitors are welcome there. Do contact to advise you are coming. Tel: 033 234 4601.

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Weenen Nature Reservation

Sunday 5th July 2020

On impulse, Sally and I decided to visit Weenen Nature Reserve which was open for day visitors.

We arrived at 07h30 – an hour and a half hour drive from home.

After checking in and doing all the Covid-19 paperwork we headed into the reserve. Almost immediately we saw three special species all together. A common Quail, Chestnut-rumped Warbler (aka Tit-Babbler) and a Fiscal Flycatcher. The latter turned up everywhere we went during the day. Of course as we watched them along came two vehicles and we had to move off. Typical.

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Manyane Camp, Pilanesberg

22 to 24 March 2020

Just before lockdown. We had no idea that it was about to happen so soon. My sister Natasha and her husband Dick were heading north west of Pretoria to collect an off-road trailer that they had just bought. Sally and I decided to go with them and we all planned to camp at Pilanesberg for 3 or 4 nights before returning home. That was not to be however.

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Mkuze 12 to 15 March 2020

Our Fortuner needed to be run in for at least 800 kms before we could tow our off-road trailer. So we decided to visit Mkuze and stay in one of their rest huts for 3 nights.

So we had 2 full days for birding/Atlassing. In that time we virtually drove all the roads around the Game Park. As usual kuMasinga was the best waterhole for birds and animals. However we did see some specials as we drove around.

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Cape Town and beyond

25th to 30th January 2020

This trip was planned at the very last minute. On the 23rd January I was told that my hip revision was postponed from 29th January to 3rd February. So, to fill in the week’s wait we decided to go to the Cape to find a few specials in Velddrif and at the same time to visit friends and family.

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