13 and 14th February 2022

On the way to the Kruger National Park, Sally and I spent a couple of nights camping at Miss Chrissie’s.

Miss Chrissie’s

The campsite is located amidst a forest . No power. Ablutions with hot water provided by a donkey boiler.

Scenery of the area.

We had organised a guide – Peter- through Charmaine 079 252 5235 the booking agent for Miss Chrissie’s. This not only enabled us to go onto farmers’ properties but also to show us where the birds were. We were taken to several spots in and around the area and saw Lesser Flamingos in their hundreds on one of the local farmer’s dam.

Here are pictures of two of the places Peter took us to.

Lesser Flamingos

Peter is diversely interesting. He is a man of many skills. He has installed lights in many of the world’s casinos and he currently makes musical instruments to order worldwide – doing all the work himself. He understands what type of wood will give him the sound he requires and he does all the inlay work himself. That is apart from bird guiding.

Here are some of the birds and animals photoed while there.

We came across an unusual sighting of several African Fish-Eagles on the ground. An adult and two fledglings. As we got close so they flew.

African Fish-Eagles.

How do you like these creatures.

Golden Orb Web Spider. Female (the large one) and all the males trying to do their bit without being eaten. They serenade the female soothingly playing the web then sneak in quickly to do their job before rapidly exiting.

In all we identified 61 different bird species. To see the list then click on this link:

And then we headed for the Kruger with hopes of seeing thousands of Red-billed Quelea altogether with raptors galore in attendance.


Paul and Sally Bartho

Mushroom cloud effect

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