Zululand – Part 3 – Nyalazi Camp

Nyalazi Camp

1st to 4th November 2022

Zululand. Umfolozi and Hluhluwe maps marked Map 1 and 2. Mkuze shown as Map 7.
Hluhluwe on the right and Umfolozi on the left.

Campsite 7

Nyalazi is a small and very popular campsite. It has 7 sites. During holiday seasons and the winter months it is very busy. All the campsites have been levelled and sand added to form a flat base – as you can see in the photo above. Most of the sites have a view over the Umfolozi fence and animals are often seen.

In the past we have seen Giraffe, Buffalo and Rhino wander through as well.

The overcast weather persisted during the 3 days we stayed there. During our time based at Nyalazi Camp, we went into both Hluhluwe and Umfolozi. Weather restricted our viewings although it has been at times like this that you come across the unexpected.

It is a short 300 metre drive to get inside the park. However, the entrance gate is a further 3 kilometres away. So, as you exit to the right from the campsite turnoff, you are on a main road running through the Park – the road from Mtubatuba to Nongoma.

This time we encountered herds of both Buffalo and Elephants blocking and crossing the road. Must be hellish dangerous at night especially for those not maintaining the speed limit.

In Hluhluwe we had a good drive around, checking the only Hide – Thiyeni Hide – as well as the picnic sites.

The Rubbing Post at Thiyeni Hide. It has been like that for at least 20 years. The Rhinos and baby rhinos – or as you know them, Warthogs – do enjoy a good rub.

At the picnic site closest to Hluhluwe’s Memorial Gate, we noticed this strange looking root system of a tree hanging over the Hluhluwe river.

Looks to me like the underside of a bird with two spindly legs holding the body in place.

In Umfolozi, we noticed a White-backed Vulture on its nest and at the Mpafa Hide the resident pair of Mocking Cliff-Chats paid us a visit in the Hide.

Here are some of the birds which posed for us as we travelled around.

Therre was one camp bird that posed for us particularly well as he sang – a Diederik Cuckoo.

Sally and I debated about going home instead of our plan to visit Bonamanzi. In the end we stuck to our plan and were very pleased that we did.

We drove back through Hluhluwe to get to Bonamanzi.


Sally and Paul Bartho

2 thoughts on “Zululand – Part 3 – Nyalazi Camp

  1. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi really is such a special place. Though we visit there often, I haven’t used Nyalazi. How is the facilities there, Sally & Paul, and wasn’t it a schlep having to pass in and out the gate daily?


  2. Nunu and his wife run the camp and are extremely friendly. The ablutions are always kept clean and have never seemed crowded when we have visited. As the gate is off the beat and track we have never experienced any delay getting into the park.


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