Karkloof Conservancy

11th March 2023

View of the wetland area in front of the Wattled Crane Hide

Sally and I visited Karkloof Conservany (close to Howick, KZN) for an afternoon of birding from their Wattled Crane Hide.

We arrived at 16h00 and stayed till closing at 18h30. During that time we recorded 34 different bird species – mostly waterbirds. A pair of Grey Crowned Cranes did a flypast and not to be outdone a pair of Wattled Cranes also appeared as we were about to leave. They were feasting on a newly tilled field. Even a Blue Crane was heard calling overhead. White Storks and Bald Ibises were seen in the surrounding fields.

Also visible on an irrigation system in a distant field were a pair of Lanner Falcons. Notable waterbirds included White-backed Ducks, numerous Cape Shovelers, South African Shelducks to name a few.

Here are some bird photos taken during our time there.

Here is our list of birds recorded.

Paul and Sally Bartho

2 thoughts on “Karkloof Conservancy

  1. We’ve only visited the Karkloof Conservancy and the hides there once before, but your beautiful images makes me realise again that we’re losing out by not returning!


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