Cumberland NR – Allen’s Gallinules

Mid-day today Sally and I went to Cumberland NR to see if we could find the Allen’s Gallinules which Norman Freeman had reported seeing yesterday.

On the water we saw Egyptian Geese, two pairs of Little Grebes and a juvenile, several pairs of Red-knobbed Coots, a number of Common Moorhens and a pair of Purple Swamphens but unfortunately no Allen’s Gallinules – nor were we lucky enough to even hear them.

Purple Swamphen, Common Moorhen and Little Grebe
Purple Swamphens, Common Moorhen and Little Grebe

There were 13 Bald Ibis resting on the roof of the “hide” (more a launching jetty for canoes). Norman also reported seeing them there yesterday.

A couple of African Fish-Eagles flew overhead at one point along with another raptor which might have been a Black Sparrowhawk. A lovely group of 3 Little Bee-eaters were in the trees nearby along with a number of other species.

Little Bee-eaters
Little Bee-eaters

Sadly, we found a Red-chested Flufftail right beside the start of the jetty – floating in the water. We have brought it home to give to David Allen for the Durban Natural Science Museum.

Red-chested Flufftail

Paul & Sally Bartho

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