TC Robertson NR Saturday 6 September

This outing was led by Barry Pullock.

There were 12 present and us locals were delighted that the Durbanites supported the outing.

The Mpanbonyoni river  that came down in flood  two years ago all but destroyed TC  but as time went by it turned out a blessing, we now have wide river banks and a lagoon that ends on Scottburgh beach. This has improved the variety of birdlife.

Birding began at the entrance to the reserve overlooking the Mpambanyoni river as we waited for everyone to arrive. The day started with an African Fish Eagle sighting and finished with excellent sightings of Black Cuckooshrikes (male and female) foraging on the ground in the area close to the bird hide (overlooking a dried out pan at present).

An Olive sunbird entertained us repeatedly hovering in mid air flapping its wings like mad – an unusual sight.

During the morning there were sightings of four of the kingfisher species – the African Pied had a couple of successful fishing expeditions. All in all, 67 different species were sighted and or the calls heard.

A most enjoyable morning’s birding.

Barry Pullock

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