Zululand and the Kruger – Part 6

Shingwedzi 9 to 11 November

Paul and Sally Bartho

Shingwedzi was our next place to visit in the Kruger. Effectively we only had one full day there. On arrival, the day began to cook and the next day it was boiling – both days got up to 45 degrees C. Much of both afternoons were spent in the rather grand swimming pool under the shade of a densely leafed tree or in the water. Fortunately we had taken our loungers with us so we were quite comfortable in the shade.

The birds loved the tree as well. And many came down to the area where water gathered as it was being recirculated into the pool. Green-winged Pitylias, Firefinches, Waxbills and Weavers all came to bathe and it was possible to get close if you were in the water.

With the air-conditioning full blast it was more pleasant to be in the car than the camp. Both afternoons we drove down along the river to visit the hide. There was some water in the river and at one point we observed the carcass of a buffalo near the water’s edge – being guarded by a number of crocodiles whilst vultures hung around waiting for their chance.

The first morning we were there was spent driving around the Red Rocks Loop – the R52.

Along the way we observed an elephant resting lying down against the bank of a river.

Elephant resting on the side of the bank
Elephant resting on the side of the bank

The bird we most enjoyed seeing was the Grey-rumped Swallow

In all we observed 119 different species in the short time we were there. Here are some other photos of what we saw.

And then we were off to the rustic camp Balule near Olifants – continued in Part 7.

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