Sheffield Beach Outing

Report by Mike White

There were 20 of us for the Sheffield Beach outing on 18 April 2015.

The weather was good as it gets. We were rewarded with some good sightings around the old crocodile farm ponds (no crocodiles fortunately) as well as on the road which cuts through part of the indigenous swamp forest.

A grateful vote of thanks was given to the owners Ian and Sandra McMurchie.

In all 67 different species of  birds were seen and or heard. Click here to view the list.

Mike White

Here are some photos taken on the day:

After the outing Paul and Sally decided to see what was happening at the SAPPI Bird hide.

It was relatively quiet with most of the waders having left. However there was a group of Little Stints in front of the hide but the island was mostly harbouring Egyptian and Spur-winged Geese, White-faced Ducks, Little Grebe, Black-winged Stilts and White-breasted Cormorants nesting.

On a walk around the area a Leguaan made an appearance.

Two Ruff were also seen and seem to be starting to change into breeding plumage – rather late in leaving we thought.

A pair of Grey-crowned Cranes arrived to add some variety to the usuals.

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