Kosi Bay

May 25th to 29th 2015

Paul and Sally Bartho

Having received an invitation to stay at the TEBA Lodge right at the mouth of Kosi Bay, we accepted with alacrity. We had four nights at the lodge and spent our time birding early morning and in the evenings as well as sunning on the beach during the day. Early to bed and early to rise.

The habitat is pristine coastal dune forest teeming with bird life. as well as inland lake fish traps.

The first morning bird walk got off to a fantastic start with birds flying back and forth around the entrance gate to the lodge. Black-throated Wattle-eyes, Ashy and Grey Tit-Flycatchers, Sombre Greenbuls, Square-tailed Drongos and a Green Malkoha amongst them. Further along we saw African Yellow White-eyes, Woodward’s Batis, Blue-mantled Crested-Flycatchers and an Olive Bushshrike which tested our skills to ID it – see photos. On the way back we encountered a shy White-starred Robin and several others were heard during the course of our stay.

On the beach we relaxed while the others were fishing. An African Fish-Eagle and an Osprey flew overhead. Three Grey-headed gulls passed over us hoping for some titbits no doubt. Other than that there were about 60 White-breasted Cormorants which came fishing each morning. A Giant Kingfisher was vociferous as it flew by each day and a sole White-fronted Plover was seen. Cattle took to the sand when the tide was out accompanied by Cattle Egrets.

Further inland from the mouth there is a large shallow area with numerous fish traps. In this area we found Pied, Malachite and Giant Kingfishers, Purple and Goliath Herons, African Fish-Eagle and White-breasted cormorants and a lone African Pied Wagtail. We also saw Sombre Greenbuls in numbers on several trees – probably the most numerous species that we encountered.

Altogether we identified 53 different bird species – many of which were special for us. Click here to see the bird list.

Paul and Sally Bartho


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