Kosi Bay

Report by Sally and Paul Bartho

21 to 22 July 2018

After our time at Tembe we had planned to visit St. Lucia for a couple of days on the way home. However we had a call from my sister to say they were in Kosi Bay and why don’t we visit instead.

We took the opportunity and as there was no room in the Kosi Mouth TEBA cottage we camped instead at the Kosi Bay and Coastal Forest Reserve. Our campsite was in a very shady spot right at the lake’s edge.

Giant and Pied Kingfishers were constantly going back and forth over the water from one clump of bush to another. Three African Pied Wagtails also entertained us flying about chasing each other at speed over the water and through the camp. But probably the highlight was seeing a couple of Green-backed Herons flying around us.

At night we were serenaded by an African Wood-Owl as well as the hippos.

Most of the Saturday was spent at the cottage right at the mouth of Kosi Bay catching up with family. Here, we were fortunate to see a Palmnut Vulture flying across the bay and a Lionfish in a pool nearby.


Sunday we spend the early morning birding on the trails at the camp then my sister and husband came round to visit us. They were very impressed with the large well sheltered campsites and proximity to the lake.

In the short time we spent birding we identified 32 different bird species. Click here to view the list.

Some photos:


Paul and Sally Bartho

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