Highmoor and Glengarry

Report by Paul and Sally Bartho

28 October 2018

Sally and I went to a small holding near Glengarry. Sally’s son and fiancee Michelle Lutener’s property.

We went to witness their marriage on their property. Family from all over the world came to celebrate with them. Magic. Great sunny day and wonderful venue.

We spent 4 days up there. On the day after the wedding, Sally and I drove up to Highmoor NR doing a quick two hours of birding including a short walk to the first dam at the top.

Birding was quiet despite our early start. in total we identified 31 different species of birds. Click here to view the list.

Here are some photos of the birds we did manage to see.

Mountain Reedbuck were seen near the Highmoor Dam – quite far away but nonetheless very skittish. Their call attracted them to us.

Mountain Reedbuck

The highlight in the animal world appeared one night on the way back to the small holding – a Porcupine.



Paul and Sally Bartho

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