Saturday 7th March Outing to Bayhead


The morning started off with about 20 people but ended up with +27 and our bird count was +51.

As I had been to the bay on Friday and was aware that low tide was very very low and high tide not much better we decided to do the Boardwalk first and check out the Black Sparrowhawks nest. It was in amongst the mangroves that some of us were lucky enough to see the Black-throated Wattle-eye. We also went along to the grasslands – which seem to be fast disappearing under the ever encroaching Chrysanthemoides and Brachylaena. It was here that we saw a lot of Amethyst Sunbirds, mainly females and and juveniles. Little Bee-eaters and lots and lots of Bronze Mannikins and Cape White-eyes.

The Black Spars were flying overhead, Goliath Heron perched in a tree; Little Egrets, Sacred Ibis, Grey Herons, Grey-headed Gulls, Kelp Gulls, a pair of Caspian Terns plus Common and Swift Terns. A number of Greenshanks, Common Ringed Plovers but only one Common Sandpiper. Blacksmith Lapwings in abundance! A pair of Fish Eagles and at the end of our walk at last an Osprey!

The tide was really too low for us to catch the waders coming in with the tide – maybe we will get lucky next time. We seem to have a lack of bird pics but as the crabs were everywhere we have some nice pics of crabs!!

Part of the reason we go to Bayhead is for the waders but questionably the main reason is Bud’s. There is a new guy running Bud’s and I think he was a little overwhelmed to start with but he managed very well in the end. There were 20 of us so firstly we had to rearrange the tables, secondly we explained that individual bills were required and thirdly and most importantly we needed drinks, very cold drinks and as fast as possible!

Doing the bird list was a ‘hoot’ – I don’t think birders know the alphabet including me. Maybe the birding was not too great but lunch lived up to our expectations – the food was good, the drinks were cold and the company was great.

Pics are courtesy of Penny.



Bayhead Outing Saturday April 6th Feedback

Bayhead  Outing Saturday April 6th  Feedback

Attended by 20 members + 2 non members.

A clear beautiful morning – so although the birding was not quite what we hoped for, the weather was perfect and the harbour, the city and the Queen Mary 2 all looked stunning.

There were lots of Grey headed gulls in and out of breeding plumage, Common Ringed Plovers also going into breeding plumage. Egyptian and Spur-winged Geese, a couple of Greenshank, Curlew Sandpipers, Goliath & Grey Herons, Little Egrets, Kelp Gulls, Blacksmiths, Caspian & Swift Terns and lots of Pink-backed Pelicans. Superb displays by the Fish Eagles and a Black Sparrowhawk went by at speed. Later on we walked down to the boardwalk and found the Black Spar’s nest. Some of us were lucky enough to see the Mangrove Kingfisher and Purple-banded Sunbird – total count for the morning 53.

After an update by Roy on BMCG – 9 of us retired to Buds for lunch and little liquid refreshment whereupon another great time was had by all!

Elena Russell

(PS: the butterfly is a White-barred Acraea – John Bremmer’s photos of the Fish Eagle the rest of the photos are Dave Rimmer’s)