Australia – Melbourne and Brisbane Part 1

Part 1

September October 2019

When both Sally and I go to Australia we have two goals. The first is to spend time with Sally’s two sons and their families in and around Melbourne and to see how her Grandchildren are growing up. Of course while there we take the opportunity to bird too and we have covered many of the different birding locations in Victoria.

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Victoria, Australia – more photos. Part 3

Victoria, Australia – more photos. Part 3

Birding in the Bendigo area is hard work – many hours and few species in each different habitat. We also found the same in the Melbourne Parks. Travel afield to select Nature Reserves usually yields a few more species. To see 40 species in a morning’s birding is pretty good.

Of course there are some hot spots like Werribee (where you need a permit to enter or find someone with access). This is the main water treatment area for Melbourne some 4o kms south west of the city and on the coast. Here it is possible to see a hundred species in a day.

Some more photos from both Bendigo and Melbourne follow. Only 5 more days and we will be in Darwin where birding will be full on with no family commitments.


Melbourne – Botanical Gardens:

Paul & Sally Bartho

More Photos from Australia

More Photos from Australia

Birds from the Bendigo area – a provincial city some 140 kms north of Melbourne.

Sally and I spent hours finding a handful of birds in the Greater Bendigo NP. Perhaps the cold and windy weather did not help. Of course they were all interesting as we had not seen them for some time.

Paul Bartho

Common birds of Bendigo, Victoria – Australia

Common birds of Bendigo, Victoria – Australia

Thought you might like to see pictures of some common birds from this area of the world for a change.