Palmiet NR

With Mike Roseblade and Jane Morris

Sunday 12 April 2015

Beautiful sunny weather brought out the birds in Palmiet Nature Reserve when a group from Westville Conservancy were joined by some BLPN members to spend 3 hours of good birding along the river.

The group split into 2 led by Mike and Jane and recorded a total of 48 species. Click here to see the  bird list.

Good birds seen included Black Sparrowhawk, Grey Waxbill, Lemon Dove and Mountain Wagtail.

This is about the average count we also encounter on the Westville Trail. However no Magpie Mannikins until we retired to Jane and Mike’s garden where all 3 Manniken species were active.

Magpie Mannikin
Magpie Mannikin

Mike Roseblade

Palmiet NR

After the Palmiet BMCG (Bird Monitoring and Conservation Group) meeting 13h30 Saturday 13 September, we took a short stroll to the river’s edge.

We were delighted to have good sightings of Mountain Wagtails (see photos) at the lowest deck from the hide/lapa. One flew up into a crevice of the rock face (looking slightly upstream)  which we think is its nesting site (see picture).

In the 20 minutes we were there we recorded:
Southern Black Tit
Olive Sunbird
White-eared Barbet
Mountain Wagtail (2) at nest
Purple-crested Turaco
Grey-headed Bushshrike (heard)
Southern Boubou (heard)
Cape White-eye
Yellow-billed Kite
Cape Batis
Dark-capped Bulbul
Green-backed Cameroptera
African Paradise-Flycatcher
African Dusky Flycatcher

This excludes the birds heard at the lapa during the BMCG meeting: Hadeda Ibis, Sombre Greenbul,  Bar-throated Apalis,  Purple-crested Turaco, and Yellow-billed Kite.

Paul & Sally Bartho