Westville Trail

Led by Mike Roseblade

Five of us met at the Westville Civic Centre at 07h00. We started off on the trail in the Civic Centre grounds and came across several bird parties before we had progresses far.

Once we had crossed the road we were into the forest which was quiet at first – except for the mozzies.

We headed for an area where the Magpie Mannikins have been regularly sighted. And of course we were not disappointed. There they were, among Bronze Mannikins. We later came across some more amongst both Bronze and Red-backed Mannikins.

It was pleasing to note that there were several juveniles amongst them so they are obviously breeding in the area.

Magpie Mannikin -juvenile
Magpie Mannikin -juvenile

We managed a bird list of about 50 birds. To see the list click here.

Some of the other birds photographed:

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