Paradise Valley with Elena Russell

IMG_3644Saturday 4th April 2015

We had a good turnout of members and visitors about 20 in all.

Unfortunately the weather was not too good, rather dull and overcast. Paradise Valley is mainly forest birding plus a rather nice walk alongside the river.

At least two or three pairs of Mountain Wagtails were seen, a couple of bird parties were encountered but a lot of birding was done on call!

Our total bird count was 41.

Some members were a little restless at times and mention was made of reaching the sea via the Umbilo Ponds and hopefully there would be a shebeen or two along the way (how the shebeen got into the mix I am not too sure) but the walk was very pleasant and the waterfall too beautiful.

By the time we returned to the picnic area for tea the weather had improved and “The Saturday Chat Show” was in fine form over tea. Mark was toasting Hot Cross Buns (superb) and the bird list was completed with only a few alphabetical faux pas!!

Moths, Butterflies, Spiders and Crabs were also seen and photgraphed for ID. As well as a few other birds we were lucky enough to snap.

Thanks to Paul and John for the pics.



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